Dyson Lead Stylist Amy Johnson’s top styles for seasonal celebrations

Looking for easy hairstyle ideas to impress this Lunar New Year? Dyson's Global Lead Stylist Amy Johnson shares some top styles and how to recreate them at home using Dyson hair styling tools.

Hi-res images for download here.

Soft, Airy Blow Out

Ideal for all hair types

A sleek, smooth and stylish finish, retaining the hair’s natural movement and volume. Ideal for those seeking a sophisticated style, this look offers effortless elegance for a variety of hair types and lengths. Follow these steps to achieve a salon standard blow dry at home.

How To:

  1. Start with freshly washed hair. Towel dry to remove excess moisture and comb through with a wide tooth comb – hair is up to 42% weaker when wet, so take care to ease out knots and tangles gently.
  2. Apply your preferred styling products, such as a smoothing cream, hair oil or leave in conditioner.
  3. Take your Dyson SupersonicTMhair dryer without an attachment, on a high speed and temperature setting. Rough dry the hair until approximately 80% dry.
  4. For coarser curly and coily hair types, you may prefer to stretch out the curl with the Wide Tooth Comb attachment or if using the Dyson AirwrapTMstyler, go in with the Firm Smoothing Brush attachment.
  5. For more coarse hair types, skip the following steps 6-9, and instead dry the hair fully with the Wide Tooth Comb attachment. Then go in with the Dyson CorraleTMstraightener on a medium heat setting to achieve an ultra-smooth finish, reducing excess volume and frizz.
  6. Once near dry, prep the hair for styling by brushing through with a large paddle brush to remove any tangles caused whilst rough drying. Part the hair in your preferred placement and section the hair ready for styling.
  7. Add the Smoothing nozzle attachment and turn down the heat setting on your Dyson SupersonicTMhair dryer. Lift the hair upwards away from the head using a flat or round brush, holding the hair up until dry. This will create volume and lift.
  8. Next dry the midlengths and ends, positioning the Smoothing nozzle down the hair section. This will utilize the controlled airflow to help align the cuticles in the hair leaving a smooth, natural finish. This can also be done with the Dyson AirwrapTMstyler and brush attachments. 
  9. Once the hair is dry, take a round brush and turn the ends of the hair under to create a soft shape, framing the face. This will give a little bend to the ends and allow the hair to sit more naturally. If styling with the Dyson AirwrapTMstyler, this can be achieved with the Round Brush attachment.
  10. If styling with the Dyson CorraleTMstraightener, the ends can be turned under by softly changing the angle of your pass as you come down the hair tress, tilting the straightener in a curved motion towards inwards to the face.
  11. Complete the look by blowing the cold shot and Gentle air attachment all over to lift the hair to give a light airy finish.
  12. Apply your preferred hold product, such as a light hold spray. Avoid anything too heavy as this will cause the hair to become crunchy and loose it’s light softness.


Round Brush Waves

Ideal for types one and two hair

Turn up the volume with this sultry side parting, paying homage to the 90’s Supermodel. This is the ideal style to add a touch of glamour to any seasonal celebration. Make the look your own by playing with parting placement or incorporating accessories such as embellished clips to hold the hair in place just above the ear.

How To:

  1. Start with freshly washed, towel dry hair, that has been combed through. Be gentle with your hair when it is wet as it is weaker and more prone to damage.
  2. Once free of tangles, add a volumizing spray at the roots and section the hair.
  3. Next, go in with the Dyson AirwrapTMstyler and Round volumising brush attachment and begin styling from underneath the hair section. This attachment is engineered to directs air into the hair to give body, whilst the bristles create tension to shape hair as it dries.
  4. For added volume, lift each section at the root as you dry. Ensure the section is fully dry before moving to the next section. If there is any moisture left in the hair, this will cause the style to drop out and that hard-earned volume to be lost.
  5. To style the ends, flick the section outwards by placing the brush attachment on top of the hair and turning the tool in your hand.
  6. Once dry, roll the section up and secure with a sectioning clip. This will allow the hair to fully cool and set into a wavy shape with maximum volume. Repeat this on each section until all the hair is dry and clipped into rolls.
  7. Allow hair to cool for five minutes – or whilst finish party preparations! – before releasing each section until all clips have been removed. Gently brush the hair through with a short-bristled paddle brush and position into place, flicking the hair over into a side parting.
  8. Finish with a holding styling product to fix the style in place and increase style longevity.

70's Curl

Ideal for hair types one, two and three

With a nod to 70’s style, this look is free flowing and fancy free. Achieve lustrous volume with sweeping soft curls that frame the face, enhancing hair’s natural movement with added texture. This look is beautiful for adding bounce to shoulder length hair or adding interest to longer, straighter styles.

How To:

  1. After washing, apply a medium hold mousse. Go in with the Dyson AirwrapTMstyler, removing the majority of the hair’s moisture with the Pre-styling dryer attachment until the hair is damp. By damp, hair should be 80% dry, appear dry to look, but feel cold to touch. Section the hair, ready to begin styling.
  2. Attach the 20 or 30mm AirwrapTMbarrel, ensuring to use the correct barrel for the side of the face you’re styling – the arrows should point away from the face. Set the tool to full heat and speed.
  3. Place the barrel at the bottom of the section and allow the hair to wrap around – the Dyson AirwrapTMstyler uses Coanda technology, an effect which occurs when a high-speed jet of air flows across a surface and due to differences in pressure, the air flow attaches itself to the surface.
  4. Hold the barrel in place for approx. 30 seconds or until the hair is fully dry, before setting with the cold shot for 5-10 seconds for maximum style retention.
  5. All curls should bend away from the face. To achieve this style around the whole head, ensure to switch your barrel when styling the opposite side of the head.
  6. Once all sections are curled, turn the head upside down and shake the curls, gently running fingers through the hair. This will add texture and body to the style, disrupting the curls into an organic, rather than refined pattern.
  7. Finally, tip the head back up and position the hair into the desired placement around the face. Fix the style in place with a spritz of light hairspray.



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